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     For those individuals looking to add something special to their wedding reception at a very reasonable cost we have our video package!!     When you choose the video package you get everything that the DJ package offers plus 2 hours of dinner music from the artist of your choice.  We will use a picture provided by you or we will take your picture to create a custom menu screen.  We can also shoot HD video of you to create a custom motion menu screen!  We will also scan and edit your pictures and videos and combine them with the music of your choice to create a completely custom DVD that is yours to keep.  Your DVD will be shown to your guests on a huge 10 ft. screen so everyone in the hall will be able to see it!  Extra copies make great gifts for the parents too!   
        Let's not forget music videos!  We also have the ability to play music videos of your favorite songs.  Just imagine everyone dancing to "Old Time Rock and Roll" and having Tom Cruise dancing right with you or dancing with Kevin Bacon to "Footloose"!  Music videos are also great for situations where you are not sure how many people are going to dance such as class reunions.  This gives people something to do if they aren't dancing and it sure will bring back the memories!   
Click here for our list of music videos.
If you have any questions on the video package just give us a call at 920-467-2604.  We would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.  If you prefer you can email us instead.