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     This is a list of things that I feel are the most important when looking for a good DJ.  Some of them are things that I have learned from the business but many of them are just common sense.  If I was looking for a DJ for my own wedding this is what I would look for.
1)  Look for a DJ who is willing to meet with you in person.  If a DJ is not willing to spend an hour or so to get to know you, how are they going to know exactly what you want at your reception?  I don't believe that you can clearly communicate your ideas and feelings over the phone or through a song sheet that you fill out and then send back through the mail.
2)  Make sure that your DJ uses a contract!  This will ensure that they are going to show up.
3)  Look for a DJ that carries insurance.  A DJ that carries insurance is not only a professional but they are also covered if something should go wrong.
4)  If you want your wedding to be done your way, look for a DJ that is willing to cater to your individual needs and desires.  Some DJ's have a certain way of doing things and are not willing to alter them.
5)  Look for a DJ who has been strongly recommended by a close friend or whom you have seen yourself.  At a minimum, get some references from your DJ.
6)  Look for a DJ who is in it for the long haul.  Everyone has to start somewhere but a  DJ that has been in business for a while will have the necessary experience to make sure things go smooth.
7)  Don't base your decision solely on price.  Look for the DJ's that you feel are the best, find out which ones are available, and then see which one fits your budget.  Hiring a "here today, gone tomorrow" DJ might save you some money up front but it might leave you wishing you had spent more on your wedding night.
8)  Ask your DJ if they carry backup equipment.  When it comes to electrical equipment "anything" can go wrong!  A good DJ will spend the extra money and carry backup equipment to make sure you have music at your wedding even if things go wrong.
9)  Look for a DJ that keeps their business up to date.  A DJ that pockets all their earnings and never updates their equipment or music will have a poor music selection and a higher risk of equipment failure.
10)  Last but not least.  Look for a DJ that you feel comfortable with!  It is important that you find a DJ that is easy to work with and that makes you feel at ease.  Your entertainment should be the last thing you have to worry about on your wedding night.
     I know I said that this was a top ten list.  However, I just thought of one more very important thing to ask when you are looking for a DJ.
11)  Are you actually going to get the DJ that you booked?  A lot of bigger DJ companies have 20 or more DJ's working for them.  You may see one DJ do a great job and book that company only to have a different DJ show up.  Some companies don't even do the majority of their bookings.  Instead they sub-contract the job to a cheaper DJ in the area and pocket the rest of the money for doing nothing.  This question is definitely worth asking.
     Again, these are things that I feel are very important when selecting a DJ for a wedding.  For many people it is one of the most exciting times in their lives.  Special occasions like a wedding reception should not be left to chance.
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